A.L.L. Construction LLC

A.L.L. Construction Company Overview

A.L.L. Construction, LLC was founded in 1998 as a Missouri Limited Liability Company by Anton L. Lumpkins . Since its conception, the company has taken a common sense approach to each task. Our experience in this field makes it possible for us to provide effective project management using a trained and experienced staff capable of executing supervisory functions as well as a union labor field crews that are always prepared to complete the projects efficiently and within budget. Our equipment operators use a wide range of heavy equipment for contracts requesting very large pipe, drainage structures and shoring. Safety is a major priority and our staff and field crew are all O.S.H.A. trained and certified.

A.L.L. has also successfully completed the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC). Mentored by Bob Clark, CEO of Clayco Corporation. A mentor-protégé program established for emerging contractors in the construction industry. Our mentors were John S. Alberici; Alberici Construction Co., Inc. and William Luth; Fred Luth and Sons Construction Co., Inc.

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